School Program

One of our primary objectives is a shift from reacting to crime (taking tips) to working to prevent crime. We know that young people are confronted with many different influences, and we've created a program to help clarify the choices they might make.

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers has created a multimedia crime awareness presentation that is targeted at Grade 8 students in secondary schools throughout the Lower Mainland.

Gang Program

Gang violence and criminal activities are a major concern to people in the Lower Mainland.

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers operates the British Columbia Anti-Gang Crime Tip and Reward program in partnership with the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

These "Likely Gang Crime Tips" include reported criminal activities such as: abduction, murder and attempted murder, drug labs, marijuana grow operations, drug trafficking, prostitution, gun and weapons offenses as well as a portion of outstanding warrants and fraud. Latest annual report statistics show that the past year was record-setting: Likely Gang Tips made up 56% of the overall anonymous tips handled. Arrests resulting from Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers tips increased 53%. Charges-laid resulting from Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers tips increased 71%. Rewards paid resulting from Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers tips increased 62%. Property Recovered and Drugs Seized resulting from Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers tips increased 53%. The British Columbia Anti-Gang Crime Tip and Reward program continues to benefit from widespread promotion of its message on radio, television and newspapers.

Cash For Guns Program

Until now, our best indicator of a growing gun problem in the Lower Mainland has been a growing list of victims of gun violence. We can no longer wait for people to get shot so we can arrest their attackers and take guns off the street.

What if there was a program that would allow people to report illegal guns ANONYMOUSLY - and offered a reward for doing so?

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers has partnered with agencies throughout the Lower Mainland to create an awareness campaign targeted at people who might have first-hand knowledge of illegal guns.

The Gun Intiative is directed at: gang members and associates, known associates such as wives, girlfriends, parents - even rivals, and unknown associates such as bartenders, doormen and valets.

MVCS will pay a reward of up to $2,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest and recovery of an illegal gun. Our objective is to implement a program that yields information about guns BEFORE they can be used.

Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence is a scourge that affects people of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds.

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers provides victims of domestic violence, as well as their friends or family members, with a safe, anonymous channel to report abusers. The Domestic Violence Program exists to remind people that abuse is intolerable, that there are options, and that someone is willing to listen and take action.

Human Trafficking Program

Human Trafficking and slavery continue to exist in Canada. Crime Stoppers is part of the "Blue Blindfold" initiative to bring attention to this problem

New Canadians Program

Immigrants to Canada are often unaware of the laws of this country, of what's acceptable and what's not. Moreover, people from other countries often bring an abiding distrust for the police or any authority figure.

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers provides translation services in over 114 languages in order to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to report wrongdoing or mistreatment, regardless of their English language proficiency.

Metal Theft Program

Metal theft and service tampering is a public safety issue that puts all of us at risk when our communication systems and the power grids are shut down by thieves.

British Columbia Crime Stoppers is partnering with TELUS to battle against metal theft in the province. “Last year, thieves stole live TELUS cable 380 times, more than once a day on average. Each time, they cut off people’s access to 911, putting their very lives at risk,” said Kenneth Haertling, TELUS Chief Security Officer. “It has to stop. Raising public awareness of copper theft and how each person can assist is a critical piece of the puzzle. British Columbia Crime Stoppers can help with this public education and encouraging people with information to use its anonymous tip service.”

Metal Theft – What to look for • Metal thieves often try to disguise themselves as legitimate technicians. Thieves may use an unmarked white van, while legitimate TELUS vehicles are always well marked. • Thieves may wear a reflective vest to further the illusion that they are legitimate. • Metal thieves work at odd hours. A person working on a power line or on a utility pole at night is not normal practice unless there is an extraordinary situation.

Power Theft Program

Theft of power is a major public safety issue and a financial burden on legitimate users. Theft of power is usually connected to illegal marijuana growing operations.

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