Our official year-end statistics reflect results based on the anonymous information we have received.

From April 2015 - March 2016:

  • 4,149 criminals have been arrested and charged,
  • We received 94,259 pieces of useful information,
  • Over £2.8 million worth of stolen goods have been recovered, and
  • Over £6.3 million worth of illegal drugs have been seized.

As a result of the information given to us:

  • Around 11 people are arrested every day
  • Somebody is charged with murder approximately every eight days.

Working towards fewer victims of crime

Since we started taking your anonymous calls in 1988, we've received more than 1.6 million calls with useful information which have led to:

  • Nearly 138,000 people being arrested and charged with offences including murder, rape, drug dealing, burglary, robbery and theft,
  • Nearly £135 million of recovered stolen property, and
  • Drugs with a street value of over £333 million being seized.

Your information really does make a difference.

Most Wanted

Since Most Wanted was launched in November 2005, nearly 13,100 appeals have been featured and 3,788 suspects have been arrested and charged.