Vehicle crime – what you need to know:

Valuables – Don’t advertise to thieves, keep all valuables and documents out of sight or take them from the vehicle when leaving.

Engine off – Never leave an unattended car running or your keys in the engine, no matter how long you will be away from the car.

Help others – Encourage people in your neighbourhood to take these same steps to secure their vehicles.

Insure everything – always use a valid insurance provider to guarantee that you have a valid policy.

Check your property – write the registration number on the car stereo, engine and bike frame, which will make those parts easier to trace if stolen.

Lock your vehicle doors. If you've got a bike lock also get a secure bike lock to deter thieves.

Evaluate each situation – before you leave your vehicle or property, you may need to change or adapt your security.


Vehicle crime is crime of opportunity

Remember it can be prevented