Children are very trusting of others and do not think about the consequences their actions can have, whether that is immediately or in the long run. Young adults especially are in their prime time to make bad decisions and end up a part of a gang.

youth safety

    • Effective parental influence is a key to gang prevention. Parents can successfully change attitudes in the community by working together as a team. They can create a community wide attitude that rejects gang related behavior.
    • Talk with your children about alcohol, drugs, and gangs…they need accurate information.
    • Be involved with your children in healthy, creative activities like sports and community events.
    • Arrange for after school activities…children left alone may become involved in negative activities.
    • Have a tolerance for mistakes or failures and be supportive…use positive rather than negative re-enforcement.
    • Know where your children are, what they are doing, and who their friends are since they spend most of their time with friends…consider setting a reasonable curfew.
    • Communicate regularly with parents of your children’s friends.
    • Listen to what your children say and what their concerns are…good communication will give them the confidence to talk to you about anything.
    • Set clear limits that define what is safe and acceptable and what is not…discipline should always be consistent and fair